Diversity, Equity 

& Inclusion 

Why DE&I matters 

At Ahold Delhaize, we play a significant role in society. With a diverse group of stakeholders, including 55 million customers in stores and over 413,000 associates, we have a responsibility to set the right example on diversity and inclusion – and the potential to make a big impact. Each brand is committed to continually raising the bar on its aspirations in this area, to foster the growth of its business and people. 

 We know that diversity drives innovation and creates business growth. It is fundamental to every part of our Leading Together strategy. It helps our brands serve customers better, support communities and create a great place to work for associates. It is an important part of how we live our values. We also understand that the full value of diversity cannot be experienced without fostering equity and inclusion. 

Our diversity and inclusion vision is to build brands and businesses where associates reflect the markets they serve, their voices are heard and valued, and they find purpose in their work, have equitable access to opportunities and can contribute and grow to their fullest. We want every associate to thrive, and every customer to feel a sense of belonging and community in our brands’ stores.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are open for everyone.

At Ahold Delhaize and our brands, we believe that, as retailers playing a significant role in society, we have a responsibility to set the right example. Ahold Delhaize and our brands are committed to continually raising the bar on our diversity and inclusion ambitions to really commit to our people.

Our ambition.

We aspire to achieve 100% gender balance at all levels, to be 100% reflective of the markets we serve (as defined by each local brand), and to strive for 100% inclusion, every day. In order to truly unlock the power of diverse teams, it is critical to foster an inclusive work environment where all associates have equitable access to opportunities and can reach their full potential.

Our approach to DE&I 

We established a bold aspiration for diversity and inclusion across Ahold Delhaize and all of the brands and businesses. We aspire to achieve 100% gender balance at all levels, to be 100% reflective of the markets we serve (as defined by each local brand), and to strive for 100% inclusion, every day. 

We define diversity broadly, seeing it as inclusive of thoughts and skills, generational differences, LGBTQ+, gender, race and ethnicity, disabilities, nationalities and more, and we accept all people for who they are.


We believe that what’s healthy and sustainable should be accessible and available to all. We are working towards this through our “Grounded in Goodness” strategy, that focuses on healthier people and a healthier planet.

It’s based on the idea that the world’s health crisis and climate crisis are intrinsically linked. We believe that if we get it right for ourselves, we usually also get it right for the planet. And acting responsibly today is imperative to securing a better tomorrow for generations to come. 

When it comes to health and sustainability, we are transparent in highlighting our progress and making better choices clear. Our brands use marketing, reward programs and store designs to ensure that what’s healthy and sustainable is affordable, accessible and inclusive for all. And we use innovation to make products even more nutritious, interesting and more varied.

We do the groundwork to enable our retail brands and their customers to choose goodness for people and planet. Our aim is to make healthy and sustainable choices into easy choices for everyone.

A message from our CEO Frans Muller

''Ahold Delhaize cares about serving our customers and growing our communities. How we value and treat our associates and how we as leaders operate our Brands makes a difference. When our associates are more engaged and love what they do, we provide a better experience for customers.​ 

Together, we will continue to lead the way. We will set the example as leaders. We will hold ourselves and each other accountable for upholding the values and behaviors of diversity and inclusion.​ 

We are taking steps to ensure an even more inclusive culture where our associates reflect the markets we serve, their voices are heard and valued, they find purpose in their work, have equitable access to opportunities and can grow and contribute to their fullest. In essence, where every associate can thrive, and every customer in our stores feels a sense of belonging, a sense of community.​''

Frans Muller - CEO Ahold Delhaize 

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