A traineeship at Ahold Delhaize; what is it all about?

From spring 2021 you can apply again for the Traineeship starting in October 2021. Don’t want to miss any deadlines? Then leave your contact details via the link below:


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This traineeship at Ahold Delhaize means:

  • A flying start to your career
  • An excellent salary and other employment conditions
  • An impact on what the Netherlands eats and drinks
  • Three years of training, coaching and intensive supervision
  • Your innovations and results will be visible in the stores
  • Develop leadership skills by doing!

The traineeship

Leading Retail is leading the way by thinking, daring and doing.
The Retail Management Traineeship is a three-year program, in which you get the chance to become acquainted with different fields and banners (Albert Heijn, Gall & Gall, Etos, AH Online, GSO). You will gain both professional and operational knowledge and experience during these three years. Through training courses in the spheres of personal development, intensive supervision, coaching and challenging projects, you will be prepared to assume an attractive position at our head office in Zaandam.  Several fields in which you can start as a trainee include:

  • Finance
  • HR
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Merchandising & Sourcing
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Supply Chain

The program in a nutshell

Year 1 – Head Office: Discovering yourself and the organization
From day one, you receive a lot of responsibility on challenging projects, as well as intensive supervision and personal coaching. You think about opportunities and solutions for our company together with professionals from your field. You are constantly challenged to be critical, to develop yourself and always go the extra mile. In the first year, you start at a department we select, and you follow training courses such as:
Basic & Essentials, Personal Effectiveness, Impact & Influence, Fact-based working and Agile working. You will also start formulating your own Individual Development Plan and, through Management Drives, you will discover what your drives are.

Year 2 – The shop: Get started as an Assistant Supermarket Manager!
This year will start with a “jeans internship” where, within a three-month period, you become acquainted with the various functions in the store. After this, you will begin work as an Assistant Supermarket Manager. This position puts you in charge of some 150 to 250 employees. Moreover, you are partly responsible for a multi-million turnover. As part of the management team, you ensure that the supermarket runs optimally. Holding your own in the daily dynamics that is part of the retail business is challenging. By doing so, you learn how to manage, coach, motivate, give and receive feedback and communicate on all levels. This year is sure to prove an experience to benefit you for the rest of your career.
In addition to providing leadership in the store, there are also opportunities in our distribution centers or home shopping centers.
In this year, you will follow training courses such as:
Time management, Leadership Essentials, Finance 1.0, Story Telling

Year 3 – Head Office: Next level
In the third year, you take all the knowledge, ideas and skills you acquired in the store back with you to the head office. You now understand much better how the stores work; what customers want and what does and does not work in practice! You work at a high level and continue pursuing your personal development. You also get the opportunity to become acquainted with other parts of the organization. This year will influence which department you ultimately work at and you will follow training courses such as:
Mindfulness, Leading the Future, Core qualities, Project management and Purpose

During the three-year program, you will receive feedback on your performance several times, and you can discuss this with a personal coach. You will also participate in business clinics and have the option of taking part in various Master Classes.

You are

Your heart skips a beat when you walk into a supermarket. You are congenial, you are not afraid to take the lead and you relate to people well. You also have:

  • A completed Master’s degree before October 2019;
  • Subsequent internship or work experience in the field you are applying for (full time role no more than 2 years after graduation);
  • Excellent Dutch and English language skills, both oral and written;
  • Demonstrable leadership qualities and entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Thinking, daring and doing mentality;
  • Affinity for retail (shop experience is not required);
  • An independent personality.

You will be co-responsible for the leading retailer of tomorrow. We ask you to continually refocus our ambition and strive to attain it. You dare to ‘confront’ problems head-on, know how to tackle them and can persevere where others give up. You are ambitious and have a ‘can do’ mentality. It’s a lot we know, but you also get a lot in return.

We offer you

  • Intensive, accelerated personal and professional development through challenging projects, personal coaching, guidance and training;
  • Salary: € 40,000 a year;
  • Excellent secondary employment conditions, such as a discount on your groceries, profit distribution and a whopping 45 holiday days;
  • Work with an impact on a better life for everyone;
  • The chance to make your mark with the leading retailer in the Netherlands;
  • You will see the improvements you implement directly in the store;
  • Managerial experience.

The TalentPitch

The TalentPitch is an online job application game. With this game, you get the chance to experience what it is like to work as a Trainee at Albert Heijn! The ideal way to find out if our Traineeship really suits you. Based on this TalentPitch, we also assess whether you match our organisation and are suitable for the Retail Management Traineeship.

The TalentPitch consists of the following components:

  • Leave a few contact details, answer several questions
  • An online game, in which we test your communication style and other things
  • A brain teaser, in which we test your intelligence. This test counts as a significantly weighted component in the assessment
  • A personality test, in which we test whether your personality fits the Retail Management Traineeship
  • Upload CV
  • A VideoPitch, where you explain your motivation for the Retail Management Traineeship at Albert Heijn in 60 seconds.


Before you start with the TalentPitch, it is good to know the following:

  • The TalentPitch takes approximately 2 hours (not counting the VideoPitch and CV).
  • You may take a break between the segments and continue at any time, but you may not stop in the middle of a segment. It is important that you have sound on your computer so that you can play the videos properly.
  • Start with your TalentPitch in good time, so that you do not feel pressure to complete your application.
  • Find a quiet place so you can devote your full concentration to all the parts. The successful completion of this TalentPitch is crucial for a potential follow-up step in the selection process.
  • After uploading your CV and VideoPitch, your application will be complete
  • To record the VideoPitch, you need a good working webcam.