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As a Business Technology Consultant at the Retail Tech platform, you make an impactful contribution to millions of customers who can count on the convenience of shopping at Albert Heijn.

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Your new job and workplace
Hi, we are Albert Heijn, your omnichannel food retailer. Whether people shop online or visit a physical store, 'Albert Heijn' is a welcome guest in millions of households. This entails a great social responsibility, because we want to continuously inspire customers with healthy, easy, and affordable food. Given the speed with which customer preferences change, this requires continuous adjustments to our propositions. For example, because of the Covid-19 rushed transition from off- to online shopping. Choosing Albert Heijn therefore means choosing a fluid setting, in which change is the only constant. And where everything you do impacts the lives of millions of customers. Does that sound challenging? Albert Heijn Technology supports millions of customers, 100,000+ employees, hundreds of thousands of weekly online orders, the technology for 1100 stores (including self-scan, electronic shelf cards and mobile app use) and the first mechanized AH distribution center. We serve our customers (on/offline), our colleagues in the stores, in the distribution centers (s) and at headquarters with our innovative technology trajectories and are therefore the engine for a large part of the company. Are you ready to take our Technology at Albert Heijn to the next level?

As a Business Technology Consultant at the Retail tech platform, you make an impactful contribution to millions of customers who can count on the convenience of shopping at Albert Heijn. You not only fly that mission, but as part of a team of 5 other Business Technology Consultants. Together we work on various processes within the domains of "Stores", "Supply Chain", "Master Data Management, Merchandising & Finance" and "HR & Business Support".

A small selection of the trajectories we have been working on in the past year include:

  • Thinking along with you about solutions for small store formulas
  • Implementing a new innovative application to schedule offers.
  • The administrative and logistical handling of deposit on small bottles.
  • Thinking along and realizing the IT impact in the event of major store expansions.
  • Simplifying or accelerating the Supply Chain process flow.
  • Analytics to increase item availability.

Your role as a Business Technology Consultant within the trajectories?

  • You will talk to Stakeholders to clearly formulate the wishes and requirements. Why and what do we want to change?
  • You analyze the goal and the current situation. What do we want to achieve in concrete terms and what do we need for this?
  • You facilitate meetings between Stakeholders and Tech. Through your active contribution, you will soon be able to get to the heart of the solution.
  • You present your findings and advise possible solutions to the team as a real (internal) consultant. You give direction to decision-making. You are able to clearly and clearly describe/visualize &present complex matter.
  • You ensure that the various Tech teams are well informed about the desired solution. You have the End-to-End scope.
  • You use new and existing technologies to innovate, if necessary you are involved in the search for new partners in the field of tech solutions.

Although the dot on the horizon is clear ? being the leading Food Tech retailer ? the road to it is complex. You oversee the omni-channel complexity and many dependencies and continuously ensure the right balance between facilitating exponential growth and minimizing reputational and continuity risks. Do you contribute to the best customer and employee experience?

This is what you bring with you

  • Have a bachelor/master's degree. For example, in the direction of Information Technology, IT Business Administration, Information Management, Data Science, or a similar field of study.
  • Take about 5 to 7 years of relevant work experience with you in which you have proven your added value in roles as a Business analyst, Information analyst, Lead Developer and / or Tech Lead, or Architect.
  • Have excellent communication skills and a good command of both the English and Dutch language. Able to listen carefully, summarize and ask questions.
  • Have a track record in driving technological improvements within the domains of Stores, Merchandising/Finance, HR & Support and/or Supply Chain.
  • A deft stakeholder manager who can switch with colleagues at all levels, both Business and Technology.? Have demonstrable experience in analyzing and improving the best customer and employee experience using data and technology
  • Good presentation skills and visualization expertise.
  • Expertise in applying and testing innovative solutions within the platform.

This is what we offer you

  • An annual salary of around 70 to 80K for a full-time employment, depending on your work experience.
  • The perks that fit the position: attractive bonus scheme, a travel allowance, laptop and smartphone.
  • Generous pension scheme (6.2% personal contribution) and discount on (among other things) insurance.
  • 20 vacation days, supplemented by 12.5 days based on free choice. Enjoying, exchanging for discounts or having it paid out in full? You decide.
  • A setting in which learning from your peers is a daily reality and your personal and professional development is continuously stimulated with the help of the Tech Academy.
  • An employer that combines the best of both worlds: the opportunities you associate with a corporate plus the autonomy and innovative drive that characterizes scale-ups.
  • The ability to make millions of people eat healthier, tastier and more sustainable.


Pioneering a corporate? It's possible, 'just' at your favorite neighborhood supermarket. What exactly can we offer you? What challenges do you have to overcome? And with which colleagues do you do that? We're happy to tell you all about the role, the impact and the benefits. Click on the application button and discover how you, together with enormously diverse and enormously enthusiastic colleagues, make the customer difference!
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