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As an Senior Systems Engineer for our Customer Technology platform, you will make Albert Heijn eCommerce ready for growth by providing the best Event streaming platform. You empower, work together and challenge each other within DevOps teams. There is room to bring you idea’s and put them on the table. Your knowledge, guidance and expertise will make our Messaging Platform even better and as reliable as possible. More specifically, as a Senior Systems Engineer, you will:

  • Work with a state-of-the-art Kafka Event Streaming platform running in Kubernetes on Azure.
  • Improve our infrastructure to make our platform even more scalable, reliable and secure.
  • Monitoring and maintaining our Event Streaming platform.
  • Working in a high skilled team.

About customer:
- biggest online & physical ecommerce company in the Netherlands
- planning to integrate its backend logistics sub-system with 2 other sub-systems and replicate it in 5 other countries
- development team is in the Netherlands, Minsk and Kyev and in 5 target countries

About project:

- build and improve asynchronous messaging system to transfer messages between services
- provide the messaging service for other projects as a SaaS solution
- support other projects who want to do message-processing or stream processing


- Configure, deploy and operate Kafka broker clusters, Kafka connect clusters and other Strimzi (or Confluent) components
- Create and maintain IaC, CI/CD pipelines helm charts for components of the messaging platform
- Operate the messaging platform as a service for application teams (Kafka as a Service)
- Configure log aggregation, metric monitoring and alerting rules help the messaging team to automate deployment for their other components
- Configure/build, deploy, monitor, maintain components of the messaging platform
- Build IaC (infrastructure as code)
- CI/CD pipeline
- Build and maintain environments
- Optimize memory, disk, network IO setup
- Create deployment scripts
- Central log aggregation, log monitoring and alerting: collect logs, store logs, build dashboards, configure alerting
- Metrics and performance monitoring and alerting collect metrics, store metrics, build dashboards, configure alerting
- Automate go live activities
- Configure security (authentication, authorization, encryption) for the components
- Operate the system, make sure that the system is healthy and has enough resources
- Create technical users for services to access the components of the messaging platform
- Be part of the on-call-duty team
- Automate processes
- Help the work of developers to debug problems
- Investigate alternative technologies related to messaging (Confluent, AXUAL, OPA, KeyCloak, ...)
- Create operational manual
- Build (local and shared) development environment

Technology stack of the project

- Azure
- Kubernetes, Helm charts
- Docker
- Kafka
- Java
- Maven
- SpringBoot
- Oracle
- Git, Github
- Jenkins CI/CD pipelines
- linux
- Log aggregation:
- Elastic stack
- Metrics monitoring:
- Prometheus, Grafana
- Opsgenie, ServiceNow

This is what you bring:
- 5+ years of relevant experience


Hard skills

- Kubernetes, Helm, docker

- Kafka operational skills

- Azure skills

- CI/CD, GitLab, argoCD

- Prometheus/Grafana, Elasticsearch

Soft skills

- Motivation to learn new stuff

- Communication skills (fluent English)

- Agile, kanban, (scrum)

Generic problem solving skills

1. You are somewhere on the Earth. You go 1 km to south, then 1 km to west, then 1 km to north, yo get back to your original location.
What was your original location?

2. You have 9 balls, equally big, equally heavy - except for one, which is a little heavier.
You have a classic scale with 2 trays. How many times do you need to use the scale to find the heavier ball. Try to use the scale as few times as possible.

What do we offer?

This is what you get:

  • An annual salary (incl. holiday pay) of up to 98k based on a full-time workweek.

  • Bonus levels that match your position: an attractive profit-sharing plan, travel expenses, and a laptop and smartphone.

  • Generous retirement benefits (6.2% employee contribution) and discounts on, e.g., insurance.

  • A minimum of 20 days paid vacation, optionally 12.5 days extra. Do you want to take that extra time off, or would you rather convert the extra days into discounts or sell them for cash? You re the end boss!

  • You develop as rapidly as the tech around us. Thanks to feedback loops with the best & the brightest tech-savvy colleagues. And by being a contributing member of the AH Technology community deep dive into our shared knowledge!

  • An employer that combines the best of two worlds: the career opportunities of a corporate, and the drive and autonomy to boldly go where no one has gone before that typifies scaleups.

  • The opportunity to provide everyone with a healthier, tastier and more sustainable diet.


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